Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome to my little Blog!

Why hello there and Welcome to Peggy Sue's Daisy!! I am very excited that you are checking out my little neck of the woods. I have created this little blog as the launching pad for a hopefully much bigger enterprise. I hope to soon be posting items from my store once it gets started. I am focusing the blog and soon to be store around my favorite time of history, the 1940's and 1950's. I believe it all started with my uncle, he use to play the oldies station while driving around in his truck. I use to get so excited when he would ask for me to accompany him on a trip around town. He would play music from the big bands and singers like Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Elvis, and so on. He would be sitting there and singing along with the singer on the radio. I still get excited when I think back to that time. I now listen to those singers and more on my own radio and it takes me back to a more simpler time of life. I wish today was more like back then. Now a days it is so hectic and everyone is strapped to some sort of device. A person is looked down upon for being so innocent but in the 1940's it was expected. Any whoo! I will stop my rambling. So I hope you stick around and we can remember a more simpler kind of life. 

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