Blog Crushes

Here is a list of blogs that I am crushing on and recommend you checking out!

Elegant Musings
* amazing vintage clothes, makeup, and hair

Scathingly Brilliant

*She has inspired me to go pink! I love her colors, outfits, that she loves cats, it all is Brilliant

Oh So Lovely Vintage
*One of my biggest crushes. I dream of one day owning a camper and traveling around selling my vintage finds. They are so boss! You have to check them out.

Everyday is a Holiday

*another pink lady, fellow cupcake lover, and all around amazingness

Alice and Daisy Shop
* An rad shop in Charleston, Sc with a very boss website. I really wish I can move down to Charleston and be inspired by this shop. Check them out now!

Lick My Cupcakes* Another amazing site

Kelsi Does Hair
*Very cool hair ideas

Hearth Handmade
*An amazing UK site about crafts, crochet, sewing, you name it. I love her colors and photographs. They are so inspiring.

icandy handmade
* two girls run this site and they have so many amazing tutorials. I think I have pinned almost everyone of them.

Shwin & Shwin
*Two inspiring sisters. Once again I think I have pinned everyone of their tutorials. I really need to get busy on that! The ones little girl is just too stinkin cute. You should check the site out just to see how cute she is.

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