Why Hello there! My name is Kate and I love everything to do with the 1940's and 1950's. I believe it all has to do with my uncle. When I was a young ankle-bitter my uncle use to take me for drives in his truck when we visited. He would have the oldies station blasting from the radio and we would have the windows down and just cruise around town. I was in heaven. I now know how a dog feels when they get all excited about jumping in the car and doing for a drive. That is how I felt. I loved listening to the big bands of yesteryear. He would listen to Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Peggy Lee, and so many more. I loved listening to those big voices and hearing the bands in the background. It just seemed like such a simpler time back then. I feel like I was born with an old soul and swear I was born in the wrong era. I feel a tie to the 80's but they have nothing on the pleasantville of the 1950's. I  love all things vintage which comes from my mother and aunt dragging me to every thrift or antique store, flea market, and yard sale within 50 miles of our town. I can't get over how much I use to dread those trips but now I get a high off of digging through trash to find those hidden treasures. I also love attempting to sew for myself and for my daughter. I am slowly become better at it. I will be posting my progress. I found a site dedicated to retro patterns and cannot wait to get started on a few.

On a more personal side I have a little ankle-bitter of my own who is surprisingly enjoying me dragging her to antique stores and flea markets. She puts her doll of the day in her little stroller and pushes her a long and looks for neat finds as well. She sometimes comes out better than my mother or me! I also have my little babies, our dog Frenchy who is beyond spoiled rotten. I think my daughter forgets she can walk because she likes to carry her from room to room. The same goes for our newly adopted cat, Midnight.

I am a complete homebody and have been since I can remember. I have never been one for going out and staying up to all odd hours of the night. My ideal night would be sitting on the couch, crawled under blankets and watching old black and white movies. My all time favorite old movie is "It Happened One Night." I could watch that movie a million times and never get tired of it. I am also a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies. I cannot name my favorite because once I name a movie I think of another great one. I just found a DVD of some of his episodes from his show in a $5 bin at Walmart and was so thrilled I almost started jumping up and down and screaming. Luckily I was able to contain myself till I got home.

I grew up on the south-west corner of Michigan, which was the best way to grow up. I was one of the lucky ones where their backyard was literally the beach and Lake Michigan. After high school I went to school in Indiana. When I graduated with a Bachelors of Art I moved to Pennsylvania with my mother. I have lived on and off there sprinkled with various other places. I am now looking to move back closer to a source of water and more permanence of warmer weather. My body does not fair well in colder climates.

I love love to mess around with my hair which beyond upsets and secretly excites my hair stylist. I have dyed it probably every color in the rainbow. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident but that's what is so fun about hair. It can easily be changed. I currently have super dark hair which actually looks more natural on me than blonder hair, even though my natural hair is a dirty blonde. I am itching though to bleach out my hair and do a pastel blue or purple. I hope my stylist doesn't see this.

I am currently obsessed with pintrest. If you have not gotten on that it might be a good or bad thing. I have to set myself a time limit otherwise I would seriously spend all day on that thing. I have been waiting for something like that because I have a dozen binders set up for all kinds of things and would like to free up some shelf space. Now due to Pinterest I can!

Well I think that is enough about me for now. If I dont stop now I will go on for ever and no one wants to read that much. I'm sure most of you have stopped after the first paragraph. Well enjoy the site! See you later alligator!

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