Tuesday, May 22, 2012

need a break/ Gangster Squad

Hi guys I am so sorry about being absent but we took a quick visit to NYC for the ankle-bitters birthday. Then I have been running around trying to get ready for her party and the end of the school year events since our school is now closing there is a million things going on. I am also running around trying to get my online store running. Please bare with me for just a little while more.

I do have something to write about that I am excited about. I am so thrilled because I just discovered that there is a new movie in production called Gangster Squad. It is staring one of my new favorite movie couples Ryan Gosling (I still love him with Rachel McAdams though too!) and Emma Stone, and a gazillion other amazing actors. It sets place in the 1940's and 50's about the LAPD trying to keep East Coast gangsters out of LA. I am so excited! One of my favorite movies is LA Confidential. I could watch that movie a hundred times in a row and never get bored. I love all costumes, hair, and just everything about the movie. If you have not seen it please find it and watch it. You will love it. I hope this one is as good as it looks. I cannot wait. It will also keep the 1950's alive and popular which I am also glad about. Here is the trailer for the movie. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Victory Rolls

Hello all!~ sorry but today's post is going to be short. I have entirely way to much to do. I really should be icing 8 cake pops for ankle-bitters gymnastics class and then 23 pops for her class tomorrow. We are going into NYC for her birthday on Saturday so I am also running around trying to get prepared for that and get things done for her party for her friends next weekend. Phew! I am tired just thinking about that.

Any whoo! I wanted to let you all know about an amazing blog that I hope to eventually be up to par with someday. I could spend hours on this site. I love doing searches for research for this blog and in doing so come across amazing fellow bloggers like this. It makes me feel good that I am not the only one who likes this stuff. The blog is Betty Bee Vintage, www.Talesfrombettybeetowers.blogspot.com  She has some great make up and hair style tutorials. I just watched the victory roll and am going to try that. I wish I had more hair to try to do the vintage up-dos. Here is the video for the victory roll. Let me know if you tried it and please send me pictures! Enjoy and please check out her amazing blog. I love watching her videos just to listen to her adorable British accent.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On This Day/ Wishing For Wednesday

* I had promised that I would post a picture of the ankle-bitter in her circle dress that I made from Tuesday Tutorial Dana-Made-It's blog. Well here it is. Sorry the picture was thrown together because once again it looked like it was going to start raining again.
                                         *Can you tell she has aspirations to model?
Can you see our Guinea girls in the back?

On This Day

Happy Birthday Billy Joel!! Today is the Piano Man's 63rd birthday. Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel in Bronx, NY. He later moved to the Levittown section of Hicksville on Long Island. In 1953 is when he began touching the ivory keys. Then ten years later he joins the band the Echoes. For the next seven years he goes on to join various bands then in 1971 he records his first solo record,  Cold Spring Harbor. In 1974 his song "Piano Man" is his first top 20 single and first gold album. He goes on to have a very successful career and still does today. I am not a huge Billy Joel fan but I do really like his songs "Piano Man" and "The Way You Are".

Wishing For Wednesday-Pretty in Pink Edition(click on the link below to go to the source)

I am in a total pink mode right now so my wish list for today is going to be all for the love of pink.


I love this pink 1950's Prom dress. It is prom season right now and it seems every weekend I see limos filled with prom goers. I loved my proms. I loved getting all dressed up and getting my hair done up nice. For my senior prom I was so excited because I had a great date, beautiful dress, and my hair and make up done at an upscale salon with my best friend. This brings me back to that time. Maybe I will have a prom theme for my birthday this year!

I believe that pink is the only color that I have not dyed my hair. I keep seeing it everywhere and I really really am aching for it. My hairstylist will kill me though. 

I adore this pink 1950's radio made into a mp3 player. I am not loving the $120 price ticket though. I can always dream about it. 

I have wanted this mixer for what seems like a lifetime but has probably really been five years. I need one so much. I love to bake, especially cupcakes. I would love to have a pink one and bedazzled like this one. 


My daughter knows my love for old cars that even when she sees a car that is dated to the 80's she yells out old car! There was this 1966 bright yellow station wagon that I had to pass everyday and she would yell out "there is mommy's car!" This is my dream car. I can't even go to old car shows anymore because I start crying all over the leather seats and the owner starts freaking out. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On This Day/ Tutorial Tuesday

I don't know if this can count as a Tuesday post since it is 10pm at night. Sorry this is so late but this week is going to be so busy. Between getting ready for the school trip to NYC, making cake pops for Ballet, Gymnastics, and ankle-bitter's class, getting party decorations made, and all other preparations for the party completed. Please be patient with me this week. Well enough excuses lets             get on with it.

On This Day

"What Me Worry?" On this day in 1952 Mad Magazine debut and would later on go to make people laugh with their satire covers for 50 years. I have never been a huge fan of the magazine. I do not dislike it but I am also not a huge fan. I do appreciate their creativity when it comes to their covers. I can't remember if my brother was a huge fan of the magazine. I don't remember seeing them all over his floor or anything. I am sure he did though. I could see him into something like that. I was looking over some of their covers through out history and they are very good at what they do. There is no surprise why they are still around today. The magazine usually featured the mascot, Alfred E. Neuman with his face replacing that of a celebrity or character. Have any of you been fans of the magazine or siblings that were?

Tutorial Tuesday

I am still trying to get everything worked out and organized for this site. I want to try doing a tutorial each week. They will probably be ones that I have tried out from other sites and letting you know about them or they will be something that I came up with. I am not the best at these sort of things but I will try.

Here is a circle skirt that I found on an amazing blog called Dana Made It. She has so many amazing tutorials on there. I believe I have every single one of them pinned on my sewing board on Pinterest.
The first one I have tried is her circle skirt. Be warned these things are addicting. I could do a hundred now. This tutorial is super easy and only takes a little amount of time to do it.

The tutorial tells you to use a wide band of elastic as the waistband but I wanted to make this for a birthday party and didn't have time to find one so I just made a fabric tube as the waist band. Luci loved how twirly it was and I loved how it had a retro look but could also be very modern. It makes me think of pink poodle skirts. Hey that could be a great costume! I am not itching to do like a hundred more.

I will have to post a picture tomorrow. It was down pouring all day today and was running all day. I   had to go to 2 Walmarts and 2 Dollar Trees. UGH!

Monday, May 7, 2012

On This Day/ I Love Luci

On This Day

Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo? On this day in 1941 Glenn Miller and his orchestra recorded the Chattanooga Choo Choo. The song was recorded for the movie Sun Valley Serenade. The movie included Mr. Glenn Miller and his orchestra, as well as Sonja Henie, and John Payne. The songwriters Mark Gordon and Harry Warren got the inspiration for the song while riding in a train. The song itself is about riding a train from New York to Chattanooga, but did not refer to any specific train. I have a strong love for trains. My uncle is an avid collector of model trains and pretty much anything to do with trains. He has a giant display in his basement that all the grandchildren just get so excited going down and watching the trains race around. So the next time you are on a train you might want to find your inner Glenn Miller and sing to your self the Chattanoog Choo Choo. Maybe there will be a girl there you call funny face in satin and lace that will cry when you tell her you will never roam. 


I Love Luci

I know it looks like I miss spelled I Love Lucy but to me I spelled it correct. I love my Luci and she loves I Love Lucy. It is interesting how the different generations in my family enjoy different aspects of vintage. My mother loves very primitive antiques that the more rustic and falling apart they are the better. This use to drive me crazy growing up. My mother and my aunt use to drag me to all of these flea markets and antique shops and go crazy over these items that looked like if you sneezed hard enough they would fall to pieces in front of you. Time went on and as I got older I started to build an appreciation for those that were vintage over those that were more modern. Now as an adult I go crazy over something that looked like it came from the nifty fifties. I get a kick now over my daughter who has now caught the vintage lovers bug much sooner than I did. She never complains when my mother and I got thrifting as long as we find something for her first. Many times she comes out better than we do. Recently she has really taken up with I Love Lucy. We were at a flea market and one of the vendors gave her for free this fuzzy red pillow that had embroidered I Love Lucy. She held onto the pillow like her life depended on it. The other day I found I Love Lucy on TV and we sat and watched. Luci thought Lucy was the funniest thing ever. Some of the things went over her head as a five year old but she enjoyed her crazy antics. Who doesn't! She also enjoyed that Lucy is also Lucille just like her. Now we are in a problem of deciding to be Mary Poppins, Lucille Ball, or a LaLa Loopsy Doll ( not everything she loves is vintage yet) for Halloween. I know it is several months away but I like to make her costumes rather than waste money on some tack, super cheap looking costume that I could have made better.  So I'll have to keep you updated on how we decide. I am leaning towards Mary Poppins because she is one of my favorites. When I was younger I use to carry around an umbrella and pretend I could fly with it. I dreamed of having one with a bird head at the bottom like she did. I would be ok with Lucy costume as well though. Anyways I hope you enjoy this I Love Lucy clip.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It Happened in 1954/ Obsessed with Elegant Musingss

* I am so sorry for being MIA yesterday. It is not getting to crunch time before my little ankle-bitters birthday this Saturday. I cannot believe she is going to be 6 years old!! It just is not fair how fast she is growing. So I am running around like a mad person and I do not see it ending until mid-June. So please excuse me during this time. So let's get on with the show!

It Happened in 1954 (I couldn't really find a On This Day event I liked)

I am such a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. I wish they made movies like he did now a days. I do not understand the thrillers or scary movies of today. The directors think that the more gore and blood the better the movie is. WRONG!! Alfred Hitchcock scared people half to death and all he used was suspense. The fear of the anticipation of something happening was all he used to thrill his movie goers. One of my favorite movies came out on August 1, 1954. It starred James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and the amazing Thelma Ritter ( I love her in this movie, you have to see her also in another favorite All About Eve.) The movie is about a wheelchair bound photographer who spies on his neighbors, well when you have nothing to do and everyone leaves their windows open what else are you to do, he believes he witnesses a husband murdering his wife. He tries to find out if it happened and his girlfriend, the glamorous Grace Kelly, volunteers to help him against his wishes.  The scene when she goes into the husbands apartment and he comes in and sees her there. My heart still goes crazy every time. I start getting anxious just thinking about it. It is such an amazing movie. The cinematography alone is breathtaking. No wonder it won an Oscar for best cinematography. It deserves it! My favorite though is Grace Kelly, she steals the show just like every movie she is in. I love when she decides she  is going to spend the night and has this little purse that includes a nightgown, a robe, and shoes all in a little bag. How cool is that? Those were the glamour years. If you have not seen this movie please add it to your list. You will not be disappointed.

Obsessed with Elegant Musings

I have several blog crushes and I do not have the space to list them all for you. I will have to create a special page for them. One of my biggest crushes is on the blog Elegant Musings. As you can tell I love all that is vintage. The creator and genius of this website Casey. She is a mastermind behind how to live vintage now a days. I love her hair tutorials. I pray every night for my hair to grow so that I can do many of the hair styles on her site. I love that she has a sailor husband, who she calls Sailor Husband (SH) on her blog, it is so vintage. When I think of them I always think of that poster where the sailor kisses the nurse on VJ Day, I don't know why she isn't a nurse. She makes me want to do my hair vintage, my makeup, and wear vintage. She all and all is amazing. I would love to spend a day with her and just talk vintage. I will have to attempt to do one of her looks on my medium length hair and post it. She is amazing. So if you too are a fan of vintage or just like checking out cool blogs add this one on to your list.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On This Day / Rain Drops on My Roof

Happy Hump Day!!

On This Day

I was starting to get worried for today's "On This Day" fact because it all seemed so depressing or not very interesting. Then just before I got into the 1960's I finally discovered it. Did you know on this day in 1955 Tennessee Williams was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for A Cat On a Hot Tin roof? That is one of my all time favorite movies. Elizabeth Taylor is such an amazing actress and woman for that matter. She had such depth and passion that she would bring to her characters. I loved the dynamic of all the characters. Maggie trying to win affection from Brick, Brick is dealing with his alcoholism and death of his best friend who just told Brick how he felt about him. Brick's brother and wife are trying to scheme behind Big Daddy's back to get all the estate when he dies from cancer. Big Daddy has no idea he was lied to about not having cancer. It is just all one dysfunctional family. I love these kinds of story lines because it makes my family seem just a little less like a crazy house. I love the very end when Elizabeth Taylor tells her that she can make the lie of her being pregnant a truth and Paul Newman slams the door on his family. Oh that gets me every time! Such an amazing movie with amazing performances by true professionals. Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor are two of the greats and the left behind an amazing legacy. They will always truly be missed. I have yet to see the play and would love to some day but for now I will just enjoy such an amazing movie.

Rain Drops on My Roof

I love this picture it looks like my little kitty cat. I would have used a picture of her but a.) my camera is in need of repair and b.) she only allows you to take pictures of her when she is in the mood and she is never in the mood.

Today is a very dreary, rainy sort of day. It is a perfect day to snuggle under the covers and watch movies. I almost was going to be a bad parent or good in some eyes and keep my little ankle-bitter home from school today. Its days like this that I wish she was still my little toddler running around after me all over the house. It is not fair how fast they grow up. I was so excited for her to start talking because she always seemed to have such interesting things to say when she was babbling on.  I used to think "phew! when she goes off to school I will be so glad to have some piece and quiet!" Now it is too quiet and I miss my little shadow, sometimes I even miss her barging in when I'm taking a shower and asking me for a snack or something. It seems so unfair to her for me to lounge around and do nothing but watch movies without her here. So I suppose I will catch up on some emails and internet things or clean up around the house. Ugh! I really must be desperate if I am thinking of cleaning to keep me busy. What are your favorite things to do when it rains? I was going to be really ambitious and write a list of best things to do but I am too lazy to. I blame it on the weather.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


On This Day

Is your go to healthy snack for kids Cheerios? Did you gobble their yumminess as a child? Did you know that on this day in 1941 General Mills introduced a cereal that would later become on of the first foods a child was introduced. It was first called CheeriOats then in 1945 it was changed to Cherrio's. In the 1950's to the 1960's Cherrios had the "Cheerio Kids", a boy and his girlfriend Sue, in their commercials. The kids would have some problem then after refueling with a bowl of Cherrios would be able to solve the problem. I am partial to the 1980's commercial that included the Peanuts Gang, because A.) I am an 80's child and B.) we are HUGE collectors of Lucy or Peanuts items due to our own Luci. I was shocked at how many different types of Cheerios that have come out. I believer there have been 17 different types of Cheerios not including the snack mixes that came out in 2008. My favorite still remains Honey Nut Cherrios. I was never a big fan of the original once I was past my toddler ages. I just saw they came out with Peanut Butter ones and just might have to give those a try. Luci loves the Chocolate ones, if it is chocolate she is up for it. Are you a lover of the original or do you have another flavor that you like?

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheerios

*Here is a Peanuts Gang Commercial. Hope you enjoy!

Head Vase Museum

Have you ever seen something online and then after clicking on it discovered that it wasn't what you were planning on finding? I recently did this. I was just clicking away on my recent online pursuits when I noticed a link for a Head Vase Museum. I clicked on it faster than my fingers could move. I was jumping in my seat as the page loaded. I started clicking everything trying find where this glorious museum could be located hoping that it was not across country or worse out of the country. I later discovered to my disappointment that the museum is only online. Now it is an amazingly useful website and I have bookmarked it for future reference with my collecting but I was so excited about going to an actual place where I could be surrounded my the amazingness of Head Vases. I have a very beginners collection. I only own four vases. I have come to discover that this is not a cheap collection to be involved in. On the website I discovered that many of the vases can cost up to over $300. Yikes! I try to keep my eyes open and if I see a reasonable one I will pick it up. I have actually had to let many vases go because of their price tags. If you are an avid Head Vase fan or would like to check them out I encourage you to visit the site headvasemuseum.com. It is worth the visit. If you collect head vases I would love to hear about your collection or anything else that you might collect. Was there one that got away that you still think about with great sadness?