Monday, May 7, 2012

On This Day/ I Love Luci

On This Day

Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo? On this day in 1941 Glenn Miller and his orchestra recorded the Chattanooga Choo Choo. The song was recorded for the movie Sun Valley Serenade. The movie included Mr. Glenn Miller and his orchestra, as well as Sonja Henie, and John Payne. The songwriters Mark Gordon and Harry Warren got the inspiration for the song while riding in a train. The song itself is about riding a train from New York to Chattanooga, but did not refer to any specific train. I have a strong love for trains. My uncle is an avid collector of model trains and pretty much anything to do with trains. He has a giant display in his basement that all the grandchildren just get so excited going down and watching the trains race around. So the next time you are on a train you might want to find your inner Glenn Miller and sing to your self the Chattanoog Choo Choo. Maybe there will be a girl there you call funny face in satin and lace that will cry when you tell her you will never roam. 


I Love Luci

I know it looks like I miss spelled I Love Lucy but to me I spelled it correct. I love my Luci and she loves I Love Lucy. It is interesting how the different generations in my family enjoy different aspects of vintage. My mother loves very primitive antiques that the more rustic and falling apart they are the better. This use to drive me crazy growing up. My mother and my aunt use to drag me to all of these flea markets and antique shops and go crazy over these items that looked like if you sneezed hard enough they would fall to pieces in front of you. Time went on and as I got older I started to build an appreciation for those that were vintage over those that were more modern. Now as an adult I go crazy over something that looked like it came from the nifty fifties. I get a kick now over my daughter who has now caught the vintage lovers bug much sooner than I did. She never complains when my mother and I got thrifting as long as we find something for her first. Many times she comes out better than we do. Recently she has really taken up with I Love Lucy. We were at a flea market and one of the vendors gave her for free this fuzzy red pillow that had embroidered I Love Lucy. She held onto the pillow like her life depended on it. The other day I found I Love Lucy on TV and we sat and watched. Luci thought Lucy was the funniest thing ever. Some of the things went over her head as a five year old but she enjoyed her crazy antics. Who doesn't! She also enjoyed that Lucy is also Lucille just like her. Now we are in a problem of deciding to be Mary Poppins, Lucille Ball, or a LaLa Loopsy Doll ( not everything she loves is vintage yet) for Halloween. I know it is several months away but I like to make her costumes rather than waste money on some tack, super cheap looking costume that I could have made better.  So I'll have to keep you updated on how we decide. I am leaning towards Mary Poppins because she is one of my favorites. When I was younger I use to carry around an umbrella and pretend I could fly with it. I dreamed of having one with a bird head at the bottom like she did. I would be ok with Lucy costume as well though. Anyways I hope you enjoy this I Love Lucy clip.

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