Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On This Day / Rain Drops on My Roof

Happy Hump Day!!

On This Day

I was starting to get worried for today's "On This Day" fact because it all seemed so depressing or not very interesting. Then just before I got into the 1960's I finally discovered it. Did you know on this day in 1955 Tennessee Williams was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for A Cat On a Hot Tin roof? That is one of my all time favorite movies. Elizabeth Taylor is such an amazing actress and woman for that matter. She had such depth and passion that she would bring to her characters. I loved the dynamic of all the characters. Maggie trying to win affection from Brick, Brick is dealing with his alcoholism and death of his best friend who just told Brick how he felt about him. Brick's brother and wife are trying to scheme behind Big Daddy's back to get all the estate when he dies from cancer. Big Daddy has no idea he was lied to about not having cancer. It is just all one dysfunctional family. I love these kinds of story lines because it makes my family seem just a little less like a crazy house. I love the very end when Elizabeth Taylor tells her that she can make the lie of her being pregnant a truth and Paul Newman slams the door on his family. Oh that gets me every time! Such an amazing movie with amazing performances by true professionals. Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor are two of the greats and the left behind an amazing legacy. They will always truly be missed. I have yet to see the play and would love to some day but for now I will just enjoy such an amazing movie.

Rain Drops on My Roof

I love this picture it looks like my little kitty cat. I would have used a picture of her but a.) my camera is in need of repair and b.) she only allows you to take pictures of her when she is in the mood and she is never in the mood.

Today is a very dreary, rainy sort of day. It is a perfect day to snuggle under the covers and watch movies. I almost was going to be a bad parent or good in some eyes and keep my little ankle-bitter home from school today. Its days like this that I wish she was still my little toddler running around after me all over the house. It is not fair how fast they grow up. I was so excited for her to start talking because she always seemed to have such interesting things to say when she was babbling on.  I used to think "phew! when she goes off to school I will be so glad to have some piece and quiet!" Now it is too quiet and I miss my little shadow, sometimes I even miss her barging in when I'm taking a shower and asking me for a snack or something. It seems so unfair to her for me to lounge around and do nothing but watch movies without her here. So I suppose I will catch up on some emails and internet things or clean up around the house. Ugh! I really must be desperate if I am thinking of cleaning to keep me busy. What are your favorite things to do when it rains? I was going to be really ambitious and write a list of best things to do but I am too lazy to. I blame it on the weather.

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