Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On This Day/ Wishing For Wednesday

* I had promised that I would post a picture of the ankle-bitter in her circle dress that I made from Tuesday Tutorial Dana-Made-It's blog. Well here it is. Sorry the picture was thrown together because once again it looked like it was going to start raining again.
                                         *Can you tell she has aspirations to model?
Can you see our Guinea girls in the back?

On This Day

Happy Birthday Billy Joel!! Today is the Piano Man's 63rd birthday. Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel in Bronx, NY. He later moved to the Levittown section of Hicksville on Long Island. In 1953 is when he began touching the ivory keys. Then ten years later he joins the band the Echoes. For the next seven years he goes on to join various bands then in 1971 he records his first solo record,  Cold Spring Harbor. In 1974 his song "Piano Man" is his first top 20 single and first gold album. He goes on to have a very successful career and still does today. I am not a huge Billy Joel fan but I do really like his songs "Piano Man" and "The Way You Are".

Wishing For Wednesday-Pretty in Pink Edition(click on the link below to go to the source)

I am in a total pink mode right now so my wish list for today is going to be all for the love of pink.


I love this pink 1950's Prom dress. It is prom season right now and it seems every weekend I see limos filled with prom goers. I loved my proms. I loved getting all dressed up and getting my hair done up nice. For my senior prom I was so excited because I had a great date, beautiful dress, and my hair and make up done at an upscale salon with my best friend. This brings me back to that time. Maybe I will have a prom theme for my birthday this year!

I believe that pink is the only color that I have not dyed my hair. I keep seeing it everywhere and I really really am aching for it. My hairstylist will kill me though. 

I adore this pink 1950's radio made into a mp3 player. I am not loving the $120 price ticket though. I can always dream about it. 

I have wanted this mixer for what seems like a lifetime but has probably really been five years. I need one so much. I love to bake, especially cupcakes. I would love to have a pink one and bedazzled like this one. 


My daughter knows my love for old cars that even when she sees a car that is dated to the 80's she yells out old car! There was this 1966 bright yellow station wagon that I had to pass everyday and she would yell out "there is mommy's car!" This is my dream car. I can't even go to old car shows anymore because I start crying all over the leather seats and the owner starts freaking out. 

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