Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Text It Tuesday-The Big Top

Well good morning everyone! It is Tuesday and that means I will be bringing you some wonderful free texts that I have come across. Don't forget to follow me so you can always be sure to get all the free texts I send your way!! Plus I like knowing who is enjoying what I have to say. Thanks!

Today's fonts are inspired by the Big Top. I have a small love for the older days of the circus when they traveled by trains and had less special effects to their shows. I love to imagine the excitement of seeing the circus pull in and watching as the big men and maybe even some of the elephants putting up the huge striped tents. I love watching the movie Dumbo because it takes place in a circus but man that movie gets me every time! If you are looking for an awe inspiring book that is about a circus you have to read the book, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I read the book in one sitting. I was obsessed and still am. Please check it out. I just found out they may make a movie out of it and really hope they do. I would freak out! This is summer I recently took the ankle-biter to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. I was a little nervous about going because I have this horrible image of what circus are like now-a-days but my ankle-biter really wanted to go. I was impressed with it. We went early to see the animals and they seemed well taken care for. We learned about their sanctuary for elephants which I loved hearing. The show itself was fun but a little too much lights and smoke effect for my taste. I guess I wanted things to be more simple and less like a rock concert. Maybe that is just me. Well here are the fonts you have been waiting for. Enjoy! Let me know if you are interested in any specific themed fonts that I can find for you. Also click down below for the actual sources to the fonts for you to personally download.

Here it is on Amazon.com

The Big Top!
 1. Big Top
2. Popcorn
3. Budmo Jiggler
4. Carnivalee Freakshow
5. Cast Iron
6. Circus
7. Freak Show
8. Immoral
9. Tattoo Ink
11110. Wm circus

6. Circus
8. Immoral
10. Wmcircus1

Very Late Treasure Thursday...Sorry!

Hello everyone! So sorry this is so late but things were crazy at the end of the week. The ankle-biters school said they didn't have her immunization records on file and so I had to get a hold of someone from her old school and it became this huge mess. I was on the phone all day. Ugh! Then the ankle biter got really sick and things just took over control. It is a shame because I was so excited to do another Treasure Thursday again!

So here are some treasure that I found the other day on a unplanned trip to a local antique mall. I love those kind of trips. I also came across my dream dining set there but unfortunely out of my current budget. I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that it will still be there for a little longer. Keep your fingers crossed too please!

Anywho! This is what I did walk out with. I am so excited with my haul!

I got these great scarfs to tie my hair up in to hide my roots showing while I grow the color out before I bleach it. 

 This is my "Collection" loot. The camera is for my vintage camera collection. The head vase is for my head vase collection. I got the Alice in Wonderland book because it is one of my favorite books and the Art in the Elementary School book because I am hoping someday soon I can finally get in the classroom as an art educator. 

Here is another "Collection" loot for my Fiesta collection. I love dark green color of this pitcher. It will go nicely with the other colors I have. 

 This is the holy grail of treasure finds for me. I have been searching and searching for this Pyrex mixing bowl set. I have seen some outrageous prices for this set. Some $100!! This set was just sitting off to the side on a table. I could not believe my eyes when it said $30 and there was a sign saying everything in the stall was on sale. I looked them over and there were some minor scratches but I could live with that. I am sure I will be putting some more on there myself any ways. I was just glad that there was all four and at a price I could afford. I grabbed them and ran to the register with my fingers crossed that they weren't going to tell me they were miss priced. 

This is one of the dining sets I saw at the antique mall. I loved that this one was big enough to sit 6 people versus the tiny table I have that can really only sit 2 but can sit 4. *Sorry the picture is kind of blurry but people were walking around me and I was worried someone would see me and say "hey you can't take pictures here!"
 How awesome is this cupboard! I would love to fill it with my colorful fiesta ware. This is also on my wishlist. I really wish the vendor did layaway but that was a no go. 

This is the other table that I fell in love with. I really like that this table has two leaves. I am looking for a table that could sit several people for when family come to visit or the future dinner parties I will be throwing when I finally have my own place.
 This is the chairs that go with the above table. How cool are the ornate handles and the inlay flower on the seat. 

This is another little cupboard I found in the same stall. This would be great in my future kitchen. I love the bread box down in the  third drawer.
This is the ankle biter enjoying the games they have in the back of the machine. She saves all her quarters for when we come here. She loves playing the bowling game, skee-ball game, and the pinball machines. She also loves grabbing a coke or orange soda from the quarter soda machines and watches old three stooges episodes on the retro tvs while her mom and nana pay for all the treasures. 

 If you are near the central PA area you have to visit this antique mall. It is seriously my favorite place ever! It is so huge sometimes it takes us two visit to get through it all.

Old Sled Works Antique mall in Duncannon, Pa

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wishing For Wednesday/Fall is in the air!

Hello this fantastic Wednesday! 

I can feel fall in the air in the morning and then the sun comes out and all of a sudden it is 80 degrees and humid. So actually I guess it does feel like fall. I want that briskness in the air though and the fall colors to come out. I am surprised how fast the leaves are changing their color around here. When it comes time to rake them all I will be wishing they were still up in the trees and green.

I know I wrote last weeks about cold weather clothes but I am sorry I just can't help myself from doing it again. I love fall clothes so much! I promise I will try not to do again. :)

Fall Addition Wishing for Wednesday

One of the reasons I love fall is wrapping a scarf around me all day long. I feel like Linus and my security blanket. How fall is the color of this scarf?!

How retro awesomeness is this orange herringbone dress? So perfect. I am loving that collar.

I would love this dress with a pair of mustard tights and navy low boots. How cute!

This dress would look so adorable with a purple or green scarf and the same for tights below. Another great fall dress

What are you looking forward to the most this fall?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Text It Tuesday

Today is another wonderful Tuesday and so that means awesome free fonts!

Here are some totally rad fonts. Enjoy!

1.Summertime Lovin


3. Showtime

4. KTF-Roadbrush
5. Brewsky

6. Popcorn

7. Lemondrop

8. Silhouse Two

9. Sewing Patterns

10. Atomic Sushi

2. Sixties

5. Brewsky

6. Popcorn

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Try It Thursday/ Tying a Head Scarf

Ok so the days of Treasure Thursday will now become a more sporadic occasion but in its place is an equal amazing event: Try It Thursday. I will try out various things and let you know how it goes and how you can try it as well.

This weeks Try It Thursday is something I have been wanting to try for a while. I am my hairdressers worst nightmare. I am always coming in and wanting to mix things up. This is not the usual "mixing things up" kind of fare that most customers come in requesting. Most ask for a shorter do or a slightly darker or lighter shade. No mine is going from super long to super short then back to super long then back to super short. Then trying to go from super dark to super light then super dark then red then blue then black. For some reason I feel the need to jump from one extreme to the next. My fantastic hair stylist is quite patient and accommodating with my whims. She though keeps threatening me that my all my hair is going to suddenly fall out and then she will laugh at me and tell me "I told you so!" Well anyways this time I am trying to go from jet black with a bleached white streak to completely bleach blonde with pastel tips or maybe light pink with pale aquamarine streaks. Here is a picture of my inspiration.

Now since I am going from a dark to a lighter color I have to grow out my darker hair. Anyone that has gone from one color to the next knows that you have to remove the old color to put on the new. If you are one of the few lucky people with original color hair you are beyond lucky because going from one extreme to the next is murder on your hair. During this time it is incredibly embarrassing walking around with major roots showing. The easy way to disguise this is by wearing a hat. Well I am not a big fan of actually wearing hats. So my next best thing is a head scarf. I was watching an old I Love Lucy episodes where her and Ricky were low on money and she couldn't afford to get her red touched up and her roots were showing. So to hide this she was always wearing a head scarf. Eureka! I thought "that is what I need!" So I rummaged through one of my vanity drawers and there were several scarfs that I had in a drawer not being used. I tried to fold it like Lucy did but no luck. So I scoured the internet and low and behold I discovered a gold mine. I found this amazing lady that shows how to tie the head scarfs just like Lucy wore and more. Plus you will love her adorable accent. On my bucket list by the way is to move somewhere I can adapt an adorable (and it has to be adorable) accent! If you need to know how to tie a headscarf to hide bad hair days or if you happen to be sitting next to a cool cat of a dude in his convertible car you will need to know how to stylishly tie your hair up in a head scarf. She will show you how and how not to look like "the queen mother" (watch the video and you will see what I am talking about) 

Let me know how you like to wear your head scarf?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cold Weather Wishing For Wednesday

Well it is funny writing this post about cold weather when it is about 80 degrees outside but this morning it felt closer to 50 degrees. It won't be long though till that cold stays on all day long. So it got me thinking about cardigans, tights, and warm skirts and long boots. Also I have been finding a million, well close to that number, of amazing recipes to try out this fall on Pinterest. I cannot tell you how much I adore that website! I went to our local discount grocer and they had a hold stock-pile of canned pumpkin! I was in heaven. I even found pumpkin coffee. I had to use all restrain to not go home and fix a cup of pumpkin coffee and bake like a crazy person some awesome pumpkin goodies. Let's not even get started on my itching to go apple picking. We drove by the orchard the other day and I so wanted to pull in and start grabbing apples. It must be the start of school. After the first day of school I all of a sudden become in full countdown to fall. It is one of my favorite holidays. It is not too hot but not too cold. I just hope it doesn't snow on Halloween like it has the past two years but we won't think about that for another few weeks. So here are some things that I am wishing for as the days start to get colder.

Wishing For Wednesday*
*Remember the links under the pictures will take you to the original source

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retro Text it Tuesday

Why hello there this wonderful Tuesday! It rained last night and it is nice and damp and foggy outside this morning. Perfect time to sit on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and write to you my viewers. Lately I have been seeing all these amazing free texts everywhere. I love anything free don't you!? I have always had as a goal of mine to sit down and hand write letters to my old friends  or family moved away but at last in the time of technology that act has pretty much been nonexistent. Why sit down and write a letter for maybe 15 mins, especially if you have to rewrite it due to mistakes when you can quickly write an email in 2 mins and have the luxury of spell check. I will someday accomplish my goal of hand writing things all month long. I even have pretty paper to do it. Anyways before I went off on this tangent, so sorry, where I was going is I have found some great retro font to use for those emails, diy projects, or typing a letter that looks handwritten, which is just as good, or any other use you might have for it. So check them out and let me know what you think.
Rad Retro Fonts
 Aunt Bertha
 Burger Doodle
 Captain Swabby
 Crystal Radio Kit
 Drive Thru
 Greasy Spoon
 Rad Retro Fonts

I hope you enjoy these fonts! I will bring some more your way next Tuesday so stay tuned. If you are not already following me, Why Not@! :), then you should go ahead and start so you can get all the new awesomely rad texts that will be coming your way. Till next time have a great one everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way."

I have been away for a little bit to spend the last few weeks of summer with my little ankle-biter and get ready for the big day of school. I can't believe how fast this summer has gone! I am glad though to get back in the swing of the school year. I love summer but sometimes it can be troublesome being an event planner everyday. Now the time has come for alarm clocks, packed lunches, backpacks, and homework. Our start has come and went last week. All seems to be going well once we got over some bumps on the first day. I should have known starting a new school, new students, new teachers, and new everything would not go as perfectly planned. There were some hiccups along the way, especially at the end when it came to leave. My little ankle-biter use to be a buser at her old school and now she is a walker. She got a little confused when she was told she wasn't on the bus list and even more confused when someone told her that she was a walker. It all worked out and all was made right when we got home and had an ice pop.

Today will be I am sure one of many days I wish that it was either summer still or my little ankle-biter was still to young for school. Today happens to be the day when the amazing "Mary Poppins" premiered at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in 1964. My little ankle-biter and I absolutely adore that movie. I was even surprised that she picked out a movie star costume for Halloween over me making her a Mary Poppins costume. Well if she won't wear it than I suppose I will. EEPS! I better get cracking. I could use Mary Poppins special nanny magic right about now.

I would love to sit at home watch the movie and of course sing and dance along with every song. Today would have been a perfect day to do sidewalk chalk paintings because it was sunny, then rained, then was sunny. So it would have washed the paintings away in the movie. I have seen these chocolate spoons all over Pinterest, gosh I love that site, and how cute would they be as an addition to your movie viewing experience?

If anyone is thinking of having a Mary Poppins Birthday or is looking for a theme you have to see these amazing decorations from Etsy. I am thinking next year for either the little ankle-biter's or mine or we might just have a Mary Poppins party for the fun of it. Why not?

I am really hoping that this year is the year that I can take my little one to the live performance. We live close to NYC so we could see the real thing but also there is several houses that have performances near Christmas time. That would be amazing all aspects. I know for sure that the one in NYC sells the bird handle umbrellas which is something I have wanted since I was my daughter's age. I use to hold it out and jump off safely high places and pretend that I was flying down like her. Yes I was one of those children! Have any of you seen it? Is it as amazing as I have heard it is? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wishing For Wednesday/ A Pinch of Prim

Why hello there this dandy Wednesday! Phew it was a long one for us. We got up and went to a local amusement park as the last Who-Ra! of the summer. We swam in the pool, went on water slides, had too much junk food, went on some rides, had more food, and went on more rides. So we are pretty exhausted.

I found this amazing website through another site that I randomly found doing a Google search for an Etsy shop I am thinking of opening that does not relate to this site. I know that was a lot to take in. Bare with me here. This site is amazing! I have seen figures like this and just have fallen in love with them. I would love to sit down with her some day and watch her process. I have always been so disheartened that I never got a chance to take sculpture in my undergrad studies. First the teacher retired then when she came back it was my senior year and my schedule was already full. I have always had a passion for  creating sculptures. Well my hat is off to this wonderful lady, Michelle Lauritsen, and her fantastic figures. Please stop over and check them out.

Wishing For Wednesday/ A Pinch of Prim
Here are a few of my favorites

I love her little balloon and the popcorn. How adorable!

The mermaid's pink hair really attracted me. It reminded me of Jenny from Everyday is a Holiday, another amazing site you have to visit. I am craving pink hair and really need to get on it! 

The Pearly Sisters. I like all three of them in their own ways but I really like the third one on the right with the glitter scales and the pearl necklace. She is so elegant. 

I have her button to her site up on top and add it to your list of great sites to visit. Tell her I sent you! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Hello on this fine Thursday! I am quite sad writing this because this might be the last Treasure Thursday for a while. The summer is coming to a close and the school year is approaching us. That means we will be going thrifting less and less. I will attempt to fill the void with some superior posts. Please do not fret!

I was very disappointed yesterday at the lack of vendors at our weekly flea market. I suppose they too were feeling the end of the summer. I walked a way with some neat treasures and made a surprise find of the century, ok maybe not that dramatic or anything but to me maybe it feels that way. Here are my finds.

Treasure Thursday

My little ankle-bitter loves this little flashlight. I am shocked to say she does not have a flashlight to run around and catch fireflies with. What kind of mother am I? Well now she does!

I am very excited to add this to my Fiesta collection. I love the little edging around the bowl. I don't think I have seen that. 

I almost walked away from him and then I remembered the lesson I learned with the deer and went back. I first walked away because I cannot stand when people don't price things. I need to know if it is worth getting a conversation started or just forget it and walk away. But the lady told me it was a $1 and I knew it was a good thing to ask. 

These girls were a surprise treasure find. Luci had to go to the bathroom and the flea market next to an antique store. As we were walking through to get to the restrooms I happened to look over and there was a whole display of head vases. I looked further and noticed that there was a sale sign marked 50% off! I made her pee so fast and raced back to investigate. The lady who owned the stand was actually there that day. She informed me she started collecting because of her mother and she actually painted the girl with the ribbon in her hair. Her signature is on the bottom. There was another one she painted but I didn't have enough for her as well. I when your thrifting and discover neat stories about the items. It makes you wonder, "If these items could talk." 

Ok so this girl is not necessary a thrift item but I did get her on clearance. We had to run after thrifting to a outlet store to grab some pool chemicals for our pool. We were walking around looking to see what neat items we can find. That place is always a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find and no two trips are the same. Her name is "Chatting Wendy" and she is a Madame Alexander doll. I love her little pink cat eye glasses, her poodle skirt and her pink princess phone. She is too stinkin cute!!
Here is a close up of her. 

Did you guys find any treasures this week? What kind of stories have you come across when thrift treasure hunting? 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wishing for Wednesday/Cat Eye Glasses

Why hello there! I have been so caught up in the Olympics the past few days I haven't been allowed to think of anything else. My little ankle-bitter is just becoming quite the little gymnast. She is on the first level of the competitive team but her coach told her if she works hard the next couple months she could move up come this fall. She has been practicing and practicing. I might just move all my furniture out of the living room and put a balance beam and bars instead. She treats our couch and such as her personal practice equipment. She was devastated though about Gold hopeful Jordan Weiber, her idol. I was sobbing along with my daughter but it was all smiles and cheers the next night. That is what we have to look forward to. Great! :) Have you guys gotten Olympic fever and what sports are you watching?

This Wishing for Wednesday I am totally craving some awesome pairs of cat eye glasses. A girl my mother works with at the library wears these very cool turquoise pair of glasses that she popped the lenses out and put in fake clear lenses. I would love to do that with a very cool pair of vintage cat eye glasses. They would make me look so studious and represent my love for catwoman (from the retro tv show).

 Wishing for Wednesday

Meow!! Don't you want a pair of amazingly awesome vintage cat eye glasses now!? Do any of you have a pair? Please post a picture I would love to see you rocking them!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Ok so today was a little scary. I felt like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz and thought  I was going to be carried off by a tornado. Luckily it didn't form and we just got slammed by a severe thunderstorm. Hopefully it will now cool things down. I am glad though that I got my running done yesterday and now I have some more awesome things to show you on my thrifting hunt.

Here are some goodies that I was able to snatch up. You learned from yesterday's post the horrible lesson that I learned with the deer figure but as you can see I still made out quite well.
*I downloaded this program that takes cool looking photos but it puts this tacky label on it. I am not using it again but I didn't have time to retake the pictures with the impending twister on its way. So sorry but hopefully it won't happen again.*

I am so excited about scoring these two amazing candles. I cannot wait till Christmas!

I grabbed this fabric and I want to use it to make a skirt. Stay tuned to see how it goes. 

I love the retro print on this dish towel.

A cute little apron.

Now I have Virginia to add to my collection.

I had to go back and get this Tom and Jerry bowl set. I can't stand Egg Nog but this was just too cute to pass up. I might have to start liking Egg Nog now. 

A little holiday apron

 Another cute apron

I love the little print on this fabric. Little teacups and pitchers. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it. We will have to see

Oh by the way my glass sculptures came from the Glass Museum in Corning, Ny!!! They turned out awesome. I just hate that they went straight back into their box and up into storage. I really cannot wait till we move out!

My pretty flower. I love how all the colors worked out. 

My little ankle-biter's sun-catcher. She was not happy at all that it had to be stored away.