Thursday, July 26, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Ok so today was a little scary. I felt like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz and thought  I was going to be carried off by a tornado. Luckily it didn't form and we just got slammed by a severe thunderstorm. Hopefully it will now cool things down. I am glad though that I got my running done yesterday and now I have some more awesome things to show you on my thrifting hunt.

Here are some goodies that I was able to snatch up. You learned from yesterday's post the horrible lesson that I learned with the deer figure but as you can see I still made out quite well.
*I downloaded this program that takes cool looking photos but it puts this tacky label on it. I am not using it again but I didn't have time to retake the pictures with the impending twister on its way. So sorry but hopefully it won't happen again.*

I am so excited about scoring these two amazing candles. I cannot wait till Christmas!

I grabbed this fabric and I want to use it to make a skirt. Stay tuned to see how it goes. 

I love the retro print on this dish towel.

A cute little apron.

Now I have Virginia to add to my collection.

I had to go back and get this Tom and Jerry bowl set. I can't stand Egg Nog but this was just too cute to pass up. I might have to start liking Egg Nog now. 

A little holiday apron

 Another cute apron

I love the little print on this fabric. Little teacups and pitchers. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it. We will have to see

Oh by the way my glass sculptures came from the Glass Museum in Corning, Ny!!! They turned out awesome. I just hate that they went straight back into their box and up into storage. I really cannot wait till we move out!

My pretty flower. I love how all the colors worked out. 

My little ankle-biter's sun-catcher. She was not happy at all that it had to be stored away. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Follow Along! / Wishing for Wednesday: The One that Got Away

Good Evening All! Sorry this is late but today was very very busy and I had hoped to get a tutorial done yesterday and ended up fighting with my sewing machine. I will try and do it tomorrow. Then today I spent the whole day running errands which I had only originally thought would take a few hours. How come this summer everyday just seems to fly by?! 

I just wanted to say " Thank You Ever so Dearly Much!" to everyone who stops by my little spot of the internet world. I really do appreciate it, even if it is only for a quick glance or if you actually stay a while and read all of what I have to say. I know it is not much and I try ever so much to make what I say important. So I really do appreciate it. I would love if you would like to follow along with me so you are always in the know of what is going on here in my neck of the woods. I am on Blogger of course, FacebookPinterest, and Twitter (I just opened the account so there isn't much there yet. I think I have only sent like 2 tweets on my own account. Please be patient.) I still haven't figured out how to put the follow buttons on my site. I found a tutorial on how I just need to sit down and do it. I sort of can't wait for school to start so I can have my life back. I don't have to be an event planner for the ankle-biter or go to summer obligations or feel guilty for sitting around working on the internet. So if you could ever so kindly follow along with me I would be so appreciative. To those who are following me "Merci! (or thank you. My daughter's influence there) and please continue to do so. 

Wishing for Wednesday
This post is influenced by the one item you walked away from while out thrifting and you should have grabbed it. When you went back to get it later someone, who was smarter than you, went and grabbed it. 

On Sunday I saw the most adorable vintage deer figurine and ended up putting it down and walked away. I knew in the back of my head I should have taken it home. Today I went back to retrieve my figurine and was taught once again the number one rule of thrifting, Never Put It Down. C'est La Vie. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wildwood, Nj/ICE AGE 4/Corning,Ny/Antiquing/ Bumper Cars

PHEWW!!~ That was one crazy week! My mom took the week off and boy did me make the most of it. I drove us to Wildwood and back on Tuesday. I do not recommend driving 4hrs, going to the beach, then driving 4hrs back. My body was so sore and stiff and I was a little on the crabby side. I am ever so grateful for travel activity bags.

We crashed all of Wednesday. I think I layed on the couch for the first half of the day then out on our screened porch for the rest. Then I had to take my mom to get her hair done. Thursday we went to see Ice Age 4 and loved every minute of it. What a hilarious movie. I love all four of the movies! The little ankle-biter really enjoyed it too. She still talks about it today.

Friday we went to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning NY. It is about 2 and 1/2 hours from us and something I have wanted to do for such a long time. I was not excited about getting in the car again even if it was only for 2hrs. Tuesday really ruined the car for me now. I don't want to drive anywhere now. It was so worth it though! The museum is so amazing and all of the different glass sculptures just blow your mind at what people can do with glass. The cherry on top of it all is that I got to MAKE MY OWN GLASS SCULPTURE!! I have wanted to do this since I learned about Dale Chihuly in college. I even made a flower in honor of him. Luci saw what I was about to do and instantly had to make something as well so we signed her up. She made a little sun catcher. Monkey see monkey do with that one. It was such an amazing thing. You get to sit there and do every step in making the glass except put the rod in the glass and the furnace to reheat it. I kept sitting there watching the others make their sculptures and was like "OOOHHH! I want to make that!" You can take classes there and if it was a little closer I would so sign up. Maybe birthday gift for next year. I didn't get any pictures because my mom was with Luci in the other room while I was making mine so Ill post some once it arrives. I should be later this week I believe. I can't wait! I am soo excited.

The next day we went to check out this new antique mall and all I can say is "WOW!" I want to go back soo badly. The one stall had nothing but vintage hankies, sheets, aprons, napkins, table cloths, fabric, and more all in these big rubber-maid bins. I just kept digging and digging with my elbows deep in vintage material. I walked out with some cute aprons, a Virginia glass(I started a collection of state glasses years ago, I think I only have like 4 though), and some other goodies. The little ankle-biter made out like a bandit. She of course collects Lucy from the Peanuts items. She walked out with a vintage plastic Lucy tea pot, a Lucy figurine, and a Lucy glass. She also fell in love with this Precious Moments Christmas musical snow-globe for $10 that used her powers of persuasion on her Nana to get it. Pretty much begging and begging till we were so annoyed we just caved in.  I will post the pictures on Treasure Thursday.

Finally our last day of vacation we went to a little amusement park near where we live, Knobels Amusement Park. I have been going there since I was the ankle-biters age and younger. It is the best park hands down. Disney who? It is free to get in, park, and each ride costs a ticket which ranges from .75 to 2.50. If you love rides it is best to get a hand stamp. The ankle-biter got two vouchers for a book of stamps for her birthday and so she was in heaven. If she said " I want to go on that ride!" then we went on it. There was only a few I had to say no to, the roller-coasters(NO WAY!!), and sadly one of the kiddie rides because she was too tall. She is getting too big. I love though that her favorite rides are the Haunted House, which we are rated one of the best haunted house rides, and the kiddie roller coaster. That is about as close to a roller coaster she is going to get when I am the only one with her. We of course have to go on the tea cups, the tilt-a-whirl, the train ride, the boats, and the list goes on. Along the way we stop for the best pizza ever, as well as the funnel cake, my favorite french fries ever, and before we leave ice cream. It was so hot everyone was waiting on the bridge for the Skloosh to come down and splash a huge wave on them. I felt so bad because Luci so wanted to go up there to cool down but I was so exhausted I totally forgot. OOps! Maybe next month when we plan to go swimming at the pool. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy yourself but not pay your whole budget or just want a unique place to go check out Knobels. They also have camping cottages which is something I would love to do with all the family.

Check out my pictures on my Facebook page.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I will do this with style and grace/ Wildwood, NJ

Well hello all to you cool cats out there! So my next big adventure will take place tomorrow so I would like to let you know that I will be MIA tomorrow. This is because I will be digging my toes in the sand and listening to the crashing of the waves in the fantastically doo-woop of Wildwood, NJ. AAHH! I am so stoked I could scream. The main reason we are going other than the totally radness of the retro motels and diners is that we will be there to celebrate my 30th birthday tomorrow. Phew! It is here already and I am trying to present this new phase in my life with dignity and grace, even though I want to scream and hide under a pillow.

Life happens and you need to just have your cupcake and eat it too and then deal with it! MMMM...I am going to have to locate and fantastic bakery so I can enjoy an extra yummy cupcake for my birthday. It's my party and I can if I want to!

I am so excited about going to Wildwood. I am giddy with joy at the idea of being surrounded by so much retroness that I am going to explode. My little ankle-biter is just excited about playing in the beach. She was not happy that I went to the beach in Asbury when I had my fantastic, depressing, and exhausting adventure there. I told her "hey after the day I had I needed to go to the beach!" So now we both get what we want.

For those of you who have gone there before then you know the amazingness that is Wildwood, NJ. For those who have not gone. Imagine old Cadillacs driving by, fake palm trees swaying in the wind, girls with poodle skirts and cat eye glasses, Chubbie Checker singing in a car radio. That is Wildwood, NJ. Ok, Ok, so that is not really Wildwood. At least not today but in my little world that is what it is to me. Total heaven.

I really want to go in October for Retro Day Weekend. I think I would explode from pure retroness then. I want to cruise down in a 1950 Pink Chevy with my hair tied up in a scarf and my cat eye glasses on and listen to Elvis singing me to a happier time.

Ok so enough day dreaming for now. I have to go pack and get ready for my adventure. I will try and take lots of pictures. I know I am so sorry I havent posted my ones from Asbury Park but I was only there for like a second and so exhausted and ready to get home that I only took like two pictures. I hope to go back for a lot longer. I promise though to take a million tomorrow and post them all on Wednesday.

Do you guys have any amazing stories of Wildwood that you would like to share? Or how about some advice on how to make 30 not seem so scary? I would appreciate it! Thanks guys and dolls.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awesome Retro Hair Style Tutorials

Well hello everyone! I am really hoping things will come down already. I feel like I am going on a roller-coaster over here but then again that is life. Right?

Well anywho! On to the post! One of the top things I love about vintage or retro style is the hair and makeup. Those girls really knew how to get pretty. I love the red lipstick, red nails, and oh boy the hair. I could go on and on about all the great hair styles. I am literally pulling my hair trying to get it to grow out. I have tried everything on the internet that says "Try this remedy to get your hair to grow long and lustrous!" Well I have discovered that it comes down to the basic steps of keeping it conditioned, regular trims, and just good old patience. Now a majority of the retro styles that I have found have catered to the those that are more endowed in the hair department than I am I am able to tweak them to fit work with my hair.

There is one girl on YouTube that I just love. The Cherry Doll Face. I love her look, her hair tutorials, and the girl has some serious tats! I want to be her when I grow up. She is awesome. If you are looking for some awesome ways to do the Retro Hair then this is the place to go.
Here is a link to her channel

Here are a few of my favorite videos

I wear hair like this probably everyday. I have so many bandannas. I can't get enough.

I want to try this! I am not sure I can do it with my length without using 2 bottles of hairspray.

This is another girl that I just adore. I love listening to her accent and I feel like I should be having tea while watching her videos. She is just all in all awesomeness plus we have identical hair styles except mine is much shorter. I am hair envious!

This one I am posting because I have been watching it the most in hopes it will help me to become a "sassy self-employed" gal! Here are my fingers crossed~

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishing for Wednesday/ Ice Cream Social

Well hello my gang! So terribly sorry about yesterday I had this great plan for a fantastic post about my adventures in Asbury Park, NJ but instead it was a miserable 4hr trip there and another 4hrs back and a terrible time in between. I am not holding Asbury Park itself to blame for my misfortunes but boy its hard not to have a slanted look at the town afterwards or NJ as a whole. The traffic was miserable, no one should have to see two almost if not deadly accidents in one day!, and it was unbearably hot that day to be the cherry on top. It also didn't help that I am the worst when it comes to driving in places that I have no clue about and I don't know why I even bother with directions. I still get lost! Any who so the only amazing thing I have to say about my trip was there is a 50/50 chance I might have a job finally and I got to see Asbury Park's beach and boardwalk which is awesome in itself. Though as amazing as it was it was not worth driving an 8 hr  round trip and frazzling myself out over getting lost a million and a half times.

So after the adventure that I ended up having yesterday I needed some downtime and relaxation. So mom, the ankle-bitter and myself climbed into the car and went to a nearby state park. We love going there because we can go fishing, canoeing, have a BBQ, go hiking, and of course swim in a totally rad pool. The pool has water slides, a huge pool with dunk tanks and mushrooms that shoot water. There is a huge section outside of the pool that has a million and half jets shooting water out at every angle one can imagine. My little ankle-bitter is in pure water heaven there! I can sit back and enjoy watching her run from one jet to another screaming and giggling with joy. Then after it we grab an ice cream at the vending machine and head back home with a smile of content plastered on our faces. So that is the inspiration for today's Wishing For Wednesdays. Who doesn't enjoy a nice sticky ice cream cone on a hot summer day?

Ice Cream Social Wishing For Wednesday

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Women of the Past Knew How to Dress

Hey all you cool cats out there!
I have been thinking about this post for a while and finally have sat down to write it. I think one of the reasons I have chosen more retro fashions to wear versus the fashions of today is because boy could those women wear clothes! They also wore a whole lot more of it than girls do today. I do not have the body for today's clothes anyways so if I wanted to wear them I probably wouldn't look very good doing it. I cannot get over what women in today's world think is appropriate to wear out in public. I know I sound like I am 60 rather than about to turn 30 in two weeks. Eh, call me an old soul. I just can't get around showing the whole world what bra I am wearing and especially not what my underwear looks like. I have actually seen thongs that are made to come out above your pants. People think this is cute? EEps! I am not a prude by any means. I like the Rockabilly  and Retro Pin-Up look which can be provocative but it is done tastefully. The girls for the most part are not baring it all for the world to see. This is why I am so glad there are companies like ModCloth that bring retro cuts into a newer age. Let's hope more companies do the same. If the hit of Mad Men shows us anything I believe it could be a huge hit.

Here are reasons why I think the ladies of the 1940's and 1950's could show the ladies of today how to dress.

Source unknown
Look how effortless her beauty looks. Reminds me of the wonderful Liz Taylor

I do not wear retro at all times. I do wear some more modern things occasionally. I do not like wearing tights in 10 below weather. I don't know how women during those times could do it. Must be braver then me! I try to keep their mentality in my mind though when I am getting dressed. I think to myself " If my grandmother wouldn't have worn it or I wouldn't want her to see me in it then should I be wearing it" 

My next post is one I really need to read myself and that is about vintage make up. I have a tendency to just brush my hair and teeth and run out the door. Now that my ankle-biter is no longer  a tiny ankle-biter and can get her own self dressed I can start focusing on myself when getting ready. I love how retro make up and hair looks so I need to start incorporating it in my own style. 

So now you know how I like to dress now how about you? Do you like to wear or incorporate vintage style in your own wardrobe or are you more of an appreciatator of the fashion?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Treasure Thursday on Friday

Ok I know I am late on this post. The summer seems to be going way to fast and so does each day. I feel like no sooner do I get up then it is time to go to bed. I remember summer days feeling endless but now they feel like they are on hyper drive. I'm trying to get a summer schedule set but it's not working too well. I'll finally get one figured out and then it will be time for back to school and a whole new schedule.

Ok so the flea market we go to on Wednesdays is normally pretty busy during the summer. On the week of the fourth it is insanely packed. I didn't know how this year was going to be with it being on the actual fourth. Boy was it packed! We got a late start and we were punished for it. It was so hard to see some of the tables, many things gone the second time around, and it was unbearably hot! My little ankle biter is usually really good about going thrifty, especially since she makes out better than us adults. But this time she was feeling the heat, so I didn't hold her complaining against her. We walked away from some great finds I am hoping are there next time and we walked away with some great finds as well.

Here are my Treasures
(sorry about the terrible lighting. I am still trying to find a way to fix my camera. It is driving me crazy not having one and rely on my phone as a camera.)

I love these cute little cat salt and pepper shakers. The guy was telling me about them but I would like to learn more. If anyone knows more information can you let me know. Thanks!

The start to my Pyrex collection

Cute little metal child plates
These two cute dishes were only .50 each and best dollar I have ever spent. They are my two favorite colors, pastel pink and turquoise. 

Pyrex mixing bowl. I can't wait to go back and get the bigger bowl.

Child's metal dishes set

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!! Patriotic Wishing for Wednesday

Hello all you cool cats out there! The big holiday is here and it is time to drink pink lemonade and grill hot dogs and hamburgers and wait for the big show to start.

The Fourth of July is one of the things I miss about where I use to live in Michigan. It was a small town on the west coast of the state. When I was younger the fourth always meant getting up early and sweating it out in a heavy wool uniform and marching in the band. I would then race home and jump into my swimsuit and run as fast as I could down to the beach. I would only come back up for lunch and dinner. Then the whole family and my friends would come down to the beach and we would watch the fireworks. Our town put on some of the best fireworks around. Last year we visited and there were over 10,000 people said to be there to watch the show.

This year we are back on the east coast and having a little more low key event. We are celebrating by going to the weekly flea market then spending majority of the day in the pool. It is suppose to be a hot one today! Then we will get the grill going and a bonfire to make smores for dessert. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and say a little Thank You! to all of those that we celebrate this day for.

Here is my patriotic themed Wishlist for you today

Happy Fourth of July and Thank You to all who have kept up the fight for our Independence and Freedom!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peggy Sue's Daisy is on Pinterest!

Hello Everyone! Well Peggy Sue's Daisy is officially on Pinterest. It actually was kind of difficult because I already have an account and had to do all these different round about ways to get an account strictly for my blog. I am trying to get the button added on so that you can click it and be sent right over to my page so you can follow that way too.

If you have not been on Pinterest man are you missing out. It is my new obsession. I have been waiting for something like this to come around for years. I have hundreds and hundreds of sites saved as bookmarks on my browser but it takes forever to remember where things are. Half the time I forget I even have them saved. Now I can go on to a specific board and see an image of what I am looking for. I am a very visual person so this really works for me. I can easily spend all day but I try to limit it to 15 to 30 mins. I got the app and now it is really bad.

I have been able to find so many neat vintage goodies through Pinterest. I am really shocked! I have also found so many people that have a love of all that is vintage as well. My boards are sort of bare because I am starting all over again and I want my boards to only relate to the blog. Unlike my personal ones that are more general and relate to millions of things that I need personally.

Come on over and check out what I have pinned and follow along. If you follow me I can then in return follow you! I would love to see all the fun things you have pinned.

Here is the link to my boards:

Peggy Sue's Daisy Pinterest Boards