Friday, July 6, 2012

Treasure Thursday on Friday

Ok I know I am late on this post. The summer seems to be going way to fast and so does each day. I feel like no sooner do I get up then it is time to go to bed. I remember summer days feeling endless but now they feel like they are on hyper drive. I'm trying to get a summer schedule set but it's not working too well. I'll finally get one figured out and then it will be time for back to school and a whole new schedule.

Ok so the flea market we go to on Wednesdays is normally pretty busy during the summer. On the week of the fourth it is insanely packed. I didn't know how this year was going to be with it being on the actual fourth. Boy was it packed! We got a late start and we were punished for it. It was so hard to see some of the tables, many things gone the second time around, and it was unbearably hot! My little ankle biter is usually really good about going thrifty, especially since she makes out better than us adults. But this time she was feeling the heat, so I didn't hold her complaining against her. We walked away from some great finds I am hoping are there next time and we walked away with some great finds as well.

Here are my Treasures
(sorry about the terrible lighting. I am still trying to find a way to fix my camera. It is driving me crazy not having one and rely on my phone as a camera.)

I love these cute little cat salt and pepper shakers. The guy was telling me about them but I would like to learn more. If anyone knows more information can you let me know. Thanks!

The start to my Pyrex collection

Cute little metal child plates
These two cute dishes were only .50 each and best dollar I have ever spent. They are my two favorite colors, pastel pink and turquoise. 

Pyrex mixing bowl. I can't wait to go back and get the bigger bowl.

Child's metal dishes set

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