Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awesome Retro Hair Style Tutorials

Well hello everyone! I am really hoping things will come down already. I feel like I am going on a roller-coaster over here but then again that is life. Right?

Well anywho! On to the post! One of the top things I love about vintage or retro style is the hair and makeup. Those girls really knew how to get pretty. I love the red lipstick, red nails, and oh boy the hair. I could go on and on about all the great hair styles. I am literally pulling my hair trying to get it to grow out. I have tried everything on the internet that says "Try this remedy to get your hair to grow long and lustrous!" Well I have discovered that it comes down to the basic steps of keeping it conditioned, regular trims, and just good old patience. Now a majority of the retro styles that I have found have catered to the those that are more endowed in the hair department than I am I am able to tweak them to fit work with my hair.

There is one girl on YouTube that I just love. The Cherry Doll Face. I love her look, her hair tutorials, and the girl has some serious tats! I want to be her when I grow up. She is awesome. If you are looking for some awesome ways to do the Retro Hair then this is the place to go.
Here is a link to her channel

Here are a few of my favorite videos

I wear hair like this probably everyday. I have so many bandannas. I can't get enough.

I want to try this! I am not sure I can do it with my length without using 2 bottles of hairspray.

This is another girl that I just adore. I love listening to her accent and I feel like I should be having tea while watching her videos. She is just all in all awesomeness plus we have identical hair styles except mine is much shorter. I am hair envious!

This one I am posting because I have been watching it the most in hopes it will help me to become a "sassy self-employed" gal! Here are my fingers crossed~

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