Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishing for Wednesday/ Ice Cream Social

Well hello my gang! So terribly sorry about yesterday I had this great plan for a fantastic post about my adventures in Asbury Park, NJ but instead it was a miserable 4hr trip there and another 4hrs back and a terrible time in between. I am not holding Asbury Park itself to blame for my misfortunes but boy its hard not to have a slanted look at the town afterwards or NJ as a whole. The traffic was miserable, no one should have to see two almost if not deadly accidents in one day!, and it was unbearably hot that day to be the cherry on top. It also didn't help that I am the worst when it comes to driving in places that I have no clue about and I don't know why I even bother with directions. I still get lost! Any who so the only amazing thing I have to say about my trip was there is a 50/50 chance I might have a job finally and I got to see Asbury Park's beach and boardwalk which is awesome in itself. Though as amazing as it was it was not worth driving an 8 hr  round trip and frazzling myself out over getting lost a million and a half times.

So after the adventure that I ended up having yesterday I needed some downtime and relaxation. So mom, the ankle-bitter and myself climbed into the car and went to a nearby state park. We love going there because we can go fishing, canoeing, have a BBQ, go hiking, and of course swim in a totally rad pool. The pool has water slides, a huge pool with dunk tanks and mushrooms that shoot water. There is a huge section outside of the pool that has a million and half jets shooting water out at every angle one can imagine. My little ankle-bitter is in pure water heaven there! I can sit back and enjoy watching her run from one jet to another screaming and giggling with joy. Then after it we grab an ice cream at the vending machine and head back home with a smile of content plastered on our faces. So that is the inspiration for today's Wishing For Wednesdays. Who doesn't enjoy a nice sticky ice cream cone on a hot summer day?

Ice Cream Social Wishing For Wednesday

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