Monday, July 16, 2012

I will do this with style and grace/ Wildwood, NJ

Well hello all to you cool cats out there! So my next big adventure will take place tomorrow so I would like to let you know that I will be MIA tomorrow. This is because I will be digging my toes in the sand and listening to the crashing of the waves in the fantastically doo-woop of Wildwood, NJ. AAHH! I am so stoked I could scream. The main reason we are going other than the totally radness of the retro motels and diners is that we will be there to celebrate my 30th birthday tomorrow. Phew! It is here already and I am trying to present this new phase in my life with dignity and grace, even though I want to scream and hide under a pillow.

Life happens and you need to just have your cupcake and eat it too and then deal with it! MMMM...I am going to have to locate and fantastic bakery so I can enjoy an extra yummy cupcake for my birthday. It's my party and I can if I want to!

I am so excited about going to Wildwood. I am giddy with joy at the idea of being surrounded by so much retroness that I am going to explode. My little ankle-biter is just excited about playing in the beach. She was not happy that I went to the beach in Asbury when I had my fantastic, depressing, and exhausting adventure there. I told her "hey after the day I had I needed to go to the beach!" So now we both get what we want.

For those of you who have gone there before then you know the amazingness that is Wildwood, NJ. For those who have not gone. Imagine old Cadillacs driving by, fake palm trees swaying in the wind, girls with poodle skirts and cat eye glasses, Chubbie Checker singing in a car radio. That is Wildwood, NJ. Ok, Ok, so that is not really Wildwood. At least not today but in my little world that is what it is to me. Total heaven.

I really want to go in October for Retro Day Weekend. I think I would explode from pure retroness then. I want to cruise down in a 1950 Pink Chevy with my hair tied up in a scarf and my cat eye glasses on and listen to Elvis singing me to a happier time.

Ok so enough day dreaming for now. I have to go pack and get ready for my adventure. I will try and take lots of pictures. I know I am so sorry I havent posted my ones from Asbury Park but I was only there for like a second and so exhausted and ready to get home that I only took like two pictures. I hope to go back for a lot longer. I promise though to take a million tomorrow and post them all on Wednesday.

Do you guys have any amazing stories of Wildwood that you would like to share? Or how about some advice on how to make 30 not seem so scary? I would appreciate it! Thanks guys and dolls.

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