Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!! Patriotic Wishing for Wednesday

Hello all you cool cats out there! The big holiday is here and it is time to drink pink lemonade and grill hot dogs and hamburgers and wait for the big show to start.

The Fourth of July is one of the things I miss about where I use to live in Michigan. It was a small town on the west coast of the state. When I was younger the fourth always meant getting up early and sweating it out in a heavy wool uniform and marching in the band. I would then race home and jump into my swimsuit and run as fast as I could down to the beach. I would only come back up for lunch and dinner. Then the whole family and my friends would come down to the beach and we would watch the fireworks. Our town put on some of the best fireworks around. Last year we visited and there were over 10,000 people said to be there to watch the show.

This year we are back on the east coast and having a little more low key event. We are celebrating by going to the weekly flea market then spending majority of the day in the pool. It is suppose to be a hot one today! Then we will get the grill going and a bonfire to make smores for dessert. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and say a little Thank You! to all of those that we celebrate this day for.

Here is my patriotic themed Wishlist for you today

Happy Fourth of July and Thank You to all who have kept up the fight for our Independence and Freedom!!

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