Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peggy Sue's Daisy is on Pinterest!

Hello Everyone! Well Peggy Sue's Daisy is officially on Pinterest. It actually was kind of difficult because I already have an account and had to do all these different round about ways to get an account strictly for my blog. I am trying to get the button added on so that you can click it and be sent right over to my page so you can follow that way too.

If you have not been on Pinterest man are you missing out. It is my new obsession. I have been waiting for something like this to come around for years. I have hundreds and hundreds of sites saved as bookmarks on my browser but it takes forever to remember where things are. Half the time I forget I even have them saved. Now I can go on to a specific board and see an image of what I am looking for. I am a very visual person so this really works for me. I can easily spend all day but I try to limit it to 15 to 30 mins. I got the app and now it is really bad.

I have been able to find so many neat vintage goodies through Pinterest. I am really shocked! I have also found so many people that have a love of all that is vintage as well. My boards are sort of bare because I am starting all over again and I want my boards to only relate to the blog. Unlike my personal ones that are more general and relate to millions of things that I need personally.

Come on over and check out what I have pinned and follow along. If you follow me I can then in return follow you! I would love to see all the fun things you have pinned.

Here is the link to my boards:

Peggy Sue's Daisy Pinterest Boards

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