Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fourth of July is Almost Upon Us!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I don't have a Treasure Thursday. I have been horribly sick the past few days and I did make an attempt to go treasure hunting yesterday but since I wasn't really into it I came out empty handed. I found a few things but nothing amazing like last week. That is how it goes when it comes to treasure hunting. Sometimes you make out like a bandit and others not so much. Anywho I thought I would get you all pumped up for the big holiday that is getting closer at an  alarmingly fast rate.

I was looking around Pinterest, which I find myself doing everyday, and came across this darling little dress for my ankle-bitter.I saw the name and thought it would be perfect for my little Luci. It even looks like her. I don't know if I could swallow the price though. If it was for me it would not be an issue but my little ankle-biter gets stains on her just being in same room as something messy.

I saw these little Fourth of July clips on and thought they would looks cute with a nice little swing dress. I cute little touch to spruce up a plain pair of shoes. 

I could see you pairing these shoe clips with this adorable dress from If you have not checked out this website you have too because they have everything you could want. 

I could so wear this dress to a evening party and fireworks celebration. Some fancy shindig where I could rock out with this outfit. I don't like the socks with the shoes, maybe something more strappy  or dressier. 

Now if I had the body to wear this outfit I would totally rock it at a Fourth of July Picnic. Unfortunely my ankle-bitter is now 6 years old and I still have not got back to my prebaby weight. I am going to get close soon I hope. I have been working at it. Maybe this outfit can be inspiration. 

This is the outfit to wear when hanging out at the pool or the beach this Fourth of July holiday. How awesome is this swimsuit?

Well I hope these items start to get you ready for the big sha-bang this coming next week. Do you guys having any plans for the big holiday?

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