Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Treasure Thursday

I just went on a fantastic trip to a local flea market. It is my favorite way to spend my Wednesdays in the summer. I will actually choose it over going to an amusement park, shopping somewhere else, watching a movie, or even the beach. Okay so maybe not the last one but its a big toss up. After my mom, myself, and the ankle-bitter, who always makes out better than anyone, have shopped till there is no money left we head over to say hello to my mom's parents grave site and plant some flowers we then go to a nice little meninoite (sp?) store to do some shopping. I need to ask them how they do their moon pies because I cannot get my dough like they do! On our way home we stop at this amazing diner called Bing's Diner in Burnham, Pa. It is the best little '50's diner around. I was very upset to find out they replaced their classic jukebox with a more modern electric one. It just isn't the same and it seems quieter. There wasn't that much noise but I could hardly hear the music. The little ankle-bitter loved though putting the money in and picking out the songs. She seemed to be in an Elvis mood, she takes after her mother. So anyways let me get to the good stuff and show you my loot!!

I also bought two adorable head vases for my collection. My limit is $25 for a vase. These were marked $18 & $12 but the couple gave them to me both for $22. I didn't realize how expensive this collection was. I've seen vases worth more than $200! I'll stick with the cheaper ones, maybe $45.

Do you guys have any thrifting treasures to show n tell? I hope to do this every Thursday and sometimes Tuesdays. We will see how it goes.

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