Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Wishing for Wednesday

As you read in yesterdays post my birthday is next month. I usually never really have something on my birthday wish. My mother usually takes us to our favorite shop, T.J.Maxx and I will pick out some nice things, usually jewelery or a handbag, and then I go sit in the car and she picks out what she wants to buy. Then we get home and she wraps it and gives it to me at my birthday dinner. My mother always begs and begs me for a birthday wishlist and I always tell her "I don't know what I want." This year since it is such an important birthday I feel I should put in the effort to pick out some items that I would like for my birthday. There are some items that I really really would like for my birthday but I know that will not happen. I will include those last.

Gift Number #1.
If you read my Treasure Thursday last week you discovered my love for head vases. It started very randomly after seeing one at my favorite antique mall. Now I have about six of them. I would have more but they can be very costly and I try to limit my purchases to around $20. I would love to have a custom vase done of me! That would really be a treasured item. It cost about $100 so it will probably remain a birthday wish for awhile. 

Gift #2.
This is another passion of my, old cameras. I have always loved cameras. Even as a child I carried around an old Fisherprice camera. I went on to college to study photography but then changed to art history. A lot of good either one did me. Whenever I see a neat one I have to pick it up. I actually found one very similar that works but I like how this includes EVERYTHING. I could have so much fun with this. I even found a company that supplies old film. I need to pick some film up for my Polaroid camera while I am at it. I miss using that camera. We need to go back to film processing. I loved taking pictures and waiting to get them developed and seeing how they came out. It was always so much fun to be surprised at the results.

Gift #3. 
I love this pendant. It has The King on one side and a legend on the other side. How much better can you get?

Gift #4.
I adore this pug bag. You can just imagine the wisdom this little guy could give you. I know I always go to my Frenchy for advice. She gives me those puppy dog eyes like his and I always feel so much better. 
Gift #5.

Gift #6.
This is a perfect summer dress. One of my favorite things about summer is going to a drive-in. It is so 1950's. One of my favorite scenes in the movie Grease is when they are in the drive-in. I am very fortunate that I live near a few of them. My daughter and her schoolmate actually have scheduled to go to see a movie at the drive-in hopefully this weekend. How fitting would it be to go wearing this adorable dress?

My dream gifts. These are wishes for my birthday that I know won't happen for this years birthday but hopefully one in the near future. A girl can always dream right? 

Dream Gift #1.
I was doing a random search for places in New Jersey for a possible move location and I came across this house. There is a pink house for sale down the road from us and my daughter always begs for us to buy it. I have no interest in living in the area where my mom lives. It is far to country for me. Plus I miss being by water so I am looking to move close to the shore. Hence the possible move to NJ. What I like most about this house and why I started to have an interest in it apart from the obvious outside color was that it has an addition that could be used as a home business which leads me to my next item.

Dream Gift #2.

My dream gift would be to open a store. I have dreamed about this for years and years but have never acted on it. It is because of this dream that I started this blog to later feature my items in my shop. My shop would be a vintage/ retro remix clothing store. I would sell items that are either vintage or made to look vintage in the 1940's to 1950's era. These pictures are my inspiration for my store. Funny how pink keeps poping up?

Dream Gift #3.
This is my ultimate dream car. If I got this for my birthday I think I would faint and need to be taken to the hospital. I love the summer because it means classic car shows. I can sit out in my backyard and watch all these amazing cars go by. I would love one just like this but with either white or pink colored interior. I would love one and put my store logo on it and drive around town. How cool would that be?

So there is my wishlist! It was actually kind of hard to pick and choose. It could have actually been much long but didn't want you to go through all that. I'll let you know if any of it comes true. 

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