Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doo Wop Birthday Vacation Plans/Wildwood

Ok so my birthday is coming up next month. It is not exactly just a normal everyday birthday it turns out to be a pretty big one at that. It will be my 30th birthday. Like most people I am sure at this time of life are not exactly where they want to be at this stage of their life. So I know I am not the only one dreading this moment coming so soon. I planned on going to a concert of one of my favorite bands Death Cab for Cutie but it sold out in like a minute. I figured I would then spend it like I do any other birthday, doing nothing. Sometimes I might go out to eat or go shopping but I haven't thrown a huge party since I was like 18. Even my 21st was very unexciting because I was at  summer school in college to get ahead of my studies so I could study abroad the following year. This year though due to my moms request actually we might go away somewhere. At first it was going to be Ocean City, MD but we found out it is 5hrs drive and we can only go for one night. That trip was quickly cancelled. Then we decided on looking along the shores of NJ which are only 3hrs away. Much easier to handle for one night trip than 5hrs! First we chose Ocean City, NJ. It looked fine but then I remember Jenny from Everyday Holiday Blog lives in Asbury Park, NJ. I read an article on how it is really turning around. It might not be so busy plus it would be neat to see how it was going. I was looking through a NJ travel book about Ocean City, NJ when I sudden came across a place that sounds magical and have no idea why I haven't heard of it before, Wildwood, NJ. My mom says it use to be a very popular place for college kids to go supposedly.

It is like taking a step back to the 1950's. All the signs and architecture of many of the buildings are in the Doo Wop style. There is even a 50's style WAWA store and Subway restaurant. Many of the newer hotels are also incorporating this style into their decor even down the plastic

                                          Link to the Doo Wop Preservation League

I would love to stay at the Starlux hotel. There you can stay in an Airstream Camper. How fun would that be?

Then there is also the Carribean Motel which reminds you of the retro resorts out in Las Vegas back in the day.

This is the motel that I am pushing for us to stay at other than the Starlux hotel. It is called the Lollipop motel and I just adore the sign. Look at those adorable kid faces, how could you not want to stay at a motel with that as its sign?

We are excited about the free beach and we discovered the Doo Wop Diner we are curious to try out. 

Our plans are still kind of new so I will keep you updated. If any of you have been there and have some recommendations please let me know. 

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