Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishing For Wednesday

Wishing For Wednesday: The Cat's Meow!

I was browsing online looking for inspiration for today's post and it came to me, cats! Actually it came in the form of my cat Midnight jumping on me and my laptop. My little Midnight has become so dear to me and the ankle-biter. I have never really been a cat person. They always seemed so moody and dogs always seemed to just adore you no matter what. I had them growing up but they were more outdoor cats that just roamed the yard. We did have one cat that our family adored, Bad Cat. We adored her but she earned her name. When I came on the scene as a tiny ankle-biter she was very old and soon we had to put her down when I was a little older. I loved picking her up and carrying her around to her much annoyment. My ankle-biter and I were in Pet Smart two summers ago getting treats for her little pug, Frenchy. We always have to visit all the animals on every visit. That day we stopped to see the adoptable ones. Instantly I locked eyes with the most amazing yellow eyes. I instantly was in love. It was Bad Cat all over again. I called my mom and she came to see. Yep it was her! The next day we took her home. She has been ruling the roost ever since. Now my ankle-biter has the duty of carrying Midnight all over the house to her annoyance. If you ever find yourself looking for a new pet please, please try and look into adopting. There is no greater joy than bringing home an animal who so much deserves one.

It was easy to come up with today's title since that was my other option to call my site but someone else had it and I didn't want to confuse people. I am starting to like Peggy Sue's Daisy though. It has such a spring tone to it, one of my favorite seasons. So here are the cat items that I am all wishing for today in addition to my little rescuer Midnight!

My Midnight

The Cat's Meow Wishlist 
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If you click on the link it says it is currently down but hopefully it will be back up and running. 

I am posting this image without a source because I cannot find the original source. This is the trouble with something becoming so huge and popular. People put random things up and then it wastes peoples time and energy. I found this image on Pinterest and like most people pinned it and then left it for later. Well later came today and when I clicked on it to find the source it sent me to this gross and weird website. I tried to look through it to find if I could find the original original source and get out of there. Nope! Ugh! So I looked all over the internet trying to find the source but cannot. It makes me mad because I LOVE these glasses! There is writing on the the case but I cannot read it. So if you know where they are from please let me know! Also be careful what you pin and go through the trouble to go find the source before you pin something.

I would also like to give a MMEEOOWW! to one of the best catwoman's the little or big screen has ever seen, Julie Newmar. She was the best and still is. Michelle Pfeiffer was the most scariest and probably truest to who catwoman was. I see Anne Hathoway is now taking on the role we will see how she does. Hopefully better than Halle Berry. Sorry she is an amazing actress but not as catwoman. If you want to go to Julie Newmar's website here it is, Julie Newmar.

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