Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wishing For Wednesday

Wishing For Wednesday


I am totally loving bows lately. They can dress up a casual day dress or even a simple ponytail. I even have made several versions as hair accessories for myself and for the little anklebitter, well I guess she isn't so little anymore. Ugh! Don't remind me. Yesterday was her last day of school and the last day for her school since it is closing after this school year. It has thoroughly distressed us but we are trying to have faith and move on. Anyways I digress here are the bowtastic items that I have now on my wishlist.


I love these earrings and the bow ring. How adorable are these? You can wear them dressed up or casually everyday. 

There are many amazing scarfs on this website. I love the color and polka dots on this one. I do not know if I could pull of the scarf tied in a bow but I would like to try.

I want to get an office job just so I can get this skirt. How amazing is that?!

I never really cared about pink but pastel colors are starting to be my new favorite colors, including pink. This jacket is helping with that decision plus the bow is the perfect finishing touch. 

This is a picture of the singer of my new favorite band. I love her fun retro look and hair styles. I could pull this look off for a dressy event but probably not everyday. I really like the bow tie look. Girls and boys can pull that off! There are the polka dots again! That might be the theme for next weeks post. Hmmm. 

Here is Karmin in actually. Enjoy! Let me know how you like them. 

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