Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cold Weather Wishing For Wednesday

Well it is funny writing this post about cold weather when it is about 80 degrees outside but this morning it felt closer to 50 degrees. It won't be long though till that cold stays on all day long. So it got me thinking about cardigans, tights, and warm skirts and long boots. Also I have been finding a million, well close to that number, of amazing recipes to try out this fall on Pinterest. I cannot tell you how much I adore that website! I went to our local discount grocer and they had a hold stock-pile of canned pumpkin! I was in heaven. I even found pumpkin coffee. I had to use all restrain to not go home and fix a cup of pumpkin coffee and bake like a crazy person some awesome pumpkin goodies. Let's not even get started on my itching to go apple picking. We drove by the orchard the other day and I so wanted to pull in and start grabbing apples. It must be the start of school. After the first day of school I all of a sudden become in full countdown to fall. It is one of my favorite holidays. It is not too hot but not too cold. I just hope it doesn't snow on Halloween like it has the past two years but we won't think about that for another few weeks. So here are some things that I am wishing for as the days start to get colder.

Wishing For Wednesday*
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