Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wishing for Wednesday/Cat Eye Glasses

Why hello there! I have been so caught up in the Olympics the past few days I haven't been allowed to think of anything else. My little ankle-bitter is just becoming quite the little gymnast. She is on the first level of the competitive team but her coach told her if she works hard the next couple months she could move up come this fall. She has been practicing and practicing. I might just move all my furniture out of the living room and put a balance beam and bars instead. She treats our couch and such as her personal practice equipment. She was devastated though about Gold hopeful Jordan Weiber, her idol. I was sobbing along with my daughter but it was all smiles and cheers the next night. That is what we have to look forward to. Great! :) Have you guys gotten Olympic fever and what sports are you watching?

This Wishing for Wednesday I am totally craving some awesome pairs of cat eye glasses. A girl my mother works with at the library wears these very cool turquoise pair of glasses that she popped the lenses out and put in fake clear lenses. I would love to do that with a very cool pair of vintage cat eye glasses. They would make me look so studious and represent my love for catwoman (from the retro tv show).

 Wishing for Wednesday

Meow!! Don't you want a pair of amazingly awesome vintage cat eye glasses now!? Do any of you have a pair? Please post a picture I would love to see you rocking them!

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