Thursday, August 2, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Hello on this fine Thursday! I am quite sad writing this because this might be the last Treasure Thursday for a while. The summer is coming to a close and the school year is approaching us. That means we will be going thrifting less and less. I will attempt to fill the void with some superior posts. Please do not fret!

I was very disappointed yesterday at the lack of vendors at our weekly flea market. I suppose they too were feeling the end of the summer. I walked a way with some neat treasures and made a surprise find of the century, ok maybe not that dramatic or anything but to me maybe it feels that way. Here are my finds.

Treasure Thursday

My little ankle-bitter loves this little flashlight. I am shocked to say she does not have a flashlight to run around and catch fireflies with. What kind of mother am I? Well now she does!

I am very excited to add this to my Fiesta collection. I love the little edging around the bowl. I don't think I have seen that. 

I almost walked away from him and then I remembered the lesson I learned with the deer and went back. I first walked away because I cannot stand when people don't price things. I need to know if it is worth getting a conversation started or just forget it and walk away. But the lady told me it was a $1 and I knew it was a good thing to ask. 

These girls were a surprise treasure find. Luci had to go to the bathroom and the flea market next to an antique store. As we were walking through to get to the restrooms I happened to look over and there was a whole display of head vases. I looked further and noticed that there was a sale sign marked 50% off! I made her pee so fast and raced back to investigate. The lady who owned the stand was actually there that day. She informed me she started collecting because of her mother and she actually painted the girl with the ribbon in her hair. Her signature is on the bottom. There was another one she painted but I didn't have enough for her as well. I when your thrifting and discover neat stories about the items. It makes you wonder, "If these items could talk." 

Ok so this girl is not necessary a thrift item but I did get her on clearance. We had to run after thrifting to a outlet store to grab some pool chemicals for our pool. We were walking around looking to see what neat items we can find. That place is always a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find and no two trips are the same. Her name is "Chatting Wendy" and she is a Madame Alexander doll. I love her little pink cat eye glasses, her poodle skirt and her pink princess phone. She is too stinkin cute!!
Here is a close up of her. 

Did you guys find any treasures this week? What kind of stories have you come across when thrift treasure hunting? 

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