Thursday, August 30, 2012

Try It Thursday/ Tying a Head Scarf

Ok so the days of Treasure Thursday will now become a more sporadic occasion but in its place is an equal amazing event: Try It Thursday. I will try out various things and let you know how it goes and how you can try it as well.

This weeks Try It Thursday is something I have been wanting to try for a while. I am my hairdressers worst nightmare. I am always coming in and wanting to mix things up. This is not the usual "mixing things up" kind of fare that most customers come in requesting. Most ask for a shorter do or a slightly darker or lighter shade. No mine is going from super long to super short then back to super long then back to super short. Then trying to go from super dark to super light then super dark then red then blue then black. For some reason I feel the need to jump from one extreme to the next. My fantastic hair stylist is quite patient and accommodating with my whims. She though keeps threatening me that my all my hair is going to suddenly fall out and then she will laugh at me and tell me "I told you so!" Well anyways this time I am trying to go from jet black with a bleached white streak to completely bleach blonde with pastel tips or maybe light pink with pale aquamarine streaks. Here is a picture of my inspiration.

Now since I am going from a dark to a lighter color I have to grow out my darker hair. Anyone that has gone from one color to the next knows that you have to remove the old color to put on the new. If you are one of the few lucky people with original color hair you are beyond lucky because going from one extreme to the next is murder on your hair. During this time it is incredibly embarrassing walking around with major roots showing. The easy way to disguise this is by wearing a hat. Well I am not a big fan of actually wearing hats. So my next best thing is a head scarf. I was watching an old I Love Lucy episodes where her and Ricky were low on money and she couldn't afford to get her red touched up and her roots were showing. So to hide this she was always wearing a head scarf. Eureka! I thought "that is what I need!" So I rummaged through one of my vanity drawers and there were several scarfs that I had in a drawer not being used. I tried to fold it like Lucy did but no luck. So I scoured the internet and low and behold I discovered a gold mine. I found this amazing lady that shows how to tie the head scarfs just like Lucy wore and more. Plus you will love her adorable accent. On my bucket list by the way is to move somewhere I can adapt an adorable (and it has to be adorable) accent! If you need to know how to tie a headscarf to hide bad hair days or if you happen to be sitting next to a cool cat of a dude in his convertible car you will need to know how to stylishly tie your hair up in a head scarf. She will show you how and how not to look like "the queen mother" (watch the video and you will see what I am talking about) 

Let me know how you like to wear your head scarf?

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