Tuesday, May 22, 2012

need a break/ Gangster Squad

Hi guys I am so sorry about being absent but we took a quick visit to NYC for the ankle-bitters birthday. Then I have been running around trying to get ready for her party and the end of the school year events since our school is now closing there is a million things going on. I am also running around trying to get my online store running. Please bare with me for just a little while more.

I do have something to write about that I am excited about. I am so thrilled because I just discovered that there is a new movie in production called Gangster Squad. It is staring one of my new favorite movie couples Ryan Gosling (I still love him with Rachel McAdams though too!) and Emma Stone, and a gazillion other amazing actors. It sets place in the 1940's and 50's about the LAPD trying to keep East Coast gangsters out of LA. I am so excited! One of my favorite movies is LA Confidential. I could watch that movie a hundred times in a row and never get bored. I love all costumes, hair, and just everything about the movie. If you have not seen it please find it and watch it. You will love it. I hope this one is as good as it looks. I cannot wait. It will also keep the 1950's alive and popular which I am also glad about. Here is the trailer for the movie. Enjoy!!

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