Friday, May 4, 2012

It Happened in 1954/ Obsessed with Elegant Musingss

* I am so sorry for being MIA yesterday. It is not getting to crunch time before my little ankle-bitters birthday this Saturday. I cannot believe she is going to be 6 years old!! It just is not fair how fast she is growing. So I am running around like a mad person and I do not see it ending until mid-June. So please excuse me during this time. So let's get on with the show!

It Happened in 1954 (I couldn't really find a On This Day event I liked)

I am such a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. I wish they made movies like he did now a days. I do not understand the thrillers or scary movies of today. The directors think that the more gore and blood the better the movie is. WRONG!! Alfred Hitchcock scared people half to death and all he used was suspense. The fear of the anticipation of something happening was all he used to thrill his movie goers. One of my favorite movies came out on August 1, 1954. It starred James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and the amazing Thelma Ritter ( I love her in this movie, you have to see her also in another favorite All About Eve.) The movie is about a wheelchair bound photographer who spies on his neighbors, well when you have nothing to do and everyone leaves their windows open what else are you to do, he believes he witnesses a husband murdering his wife. He tries to find out if it happened and his girlfriend, the glamorous Grace Kelly, volunteers to help him against his wishes.  The scene when she goes into the husbands apartment and he comes in and sees her there. My heart still goes crazy every time. I start getting anxious just thinking about it. It is such an amazing movie. The cinematography alone is breathtaking. No wonder it won an Oscar for best cinematography. It deserves it! My favorite though is Grace Kelly, she steals the show just like every movie she is in. I love when she decides she  is going to spend the night and has this little purse that includes a nightgown, a robe, and shoes all in a little bag. How cool is that? Those were the glamour years. If you have not seen this movie please add it to your list. You will not be disappointed.

Obsessed with Elegant Musings

I have several blog crushes and I do not have the space to list them all for you. I will have to create a special page for them. One of my biggest crushes is on the blog Elegant Musings. As you can tell I love all that is vintage. The creator and genius of this website Casey. She is a mastermind behind how to live vintage now a days. I love her hair tutorials. I pray every night for my hair to grow so that I can do many of the hair styles on her site. I love that she has a sailor husband, who she calls Sailor Husband (SH) on her blog, it is so vintage. When I think of them I always think of that poster where the sailor kisses the nurse on VJ Day, I don't know why she isn't a nurse. She makes me want to do my hair vintage, my makeup, and wear vintage. She all and all is amazing. I would love to spend a day with her and just talk vintage. I will have to attempt to do one of her looks on my medium length hair and post it. She is amazing. So if you too are a fan of vintage or just like checking out cool blogs add this one on to your list.

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