Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On This Day/ Tutorial Tuesday

I don't know if this can count as a Tuesday post since it is 10pm at night. Sorry this is so late but this week is going to be so busy. Between getting ready for the school trip to NYC, making cake pops for Ballet, Gymnastics, and ankle-bitter's class, getting party decorations made, and all other preparations for the party completed. Please be patient with me this week. Well enough excuses lets             get on with it.

On This Day

"What Me Worry?" On this day in 1952 Mad Magazine debut and would later on go to make people laugh with their satire covers for 50 years. I have never been a huge fan of the magazine. I do not dislike it but I am also not a huge fan. I do appreciate their creativity when it comes to their covers. I can't remember if my brother was a huge fan of the magazine. I don't remember seeing them all over his floor or anything. I am sure he did though. I could see him into something like that. I was looking over some of their covers through out history and they are very good at what they do. There is no surprise why they are still around today. The magazine usually featured the mascot, Alfred E. Neuman with his face replacing that of a celebrity or character. Have any of you been fans of the magazine or siblings that were?

Tutorial Tuesday

I am still trying to get everything worked out and organized for this site. I want to try doing a tutorial each week. They will probably be ones that I have tried out from other sites and letting you know about them or they will be something that I came up with. I am not the best at these sort of things but I will try.

Here is a circle skirt that I found on an amazing blog called Dana Made It. She has so many amazing tutorials on there. I believe I have every single one of them pinned on my sewing board on Pinterest.
The first one I have tried is her circle skirt. Be warned these things are addicting. I could do a hundred now. This tutorial is super easy and only takes a little amount of time to do it.

The tutorial tells you to use a wide band of elastic as the waistband but I wanted to make this for a birthday party and didn't have time to find one so I just made a fabric tube as the waist band. Luci loved how twirly it was and I loved how it had a retro look but could also be very modern. It makes me think of pink poodle skirts. Hey that could be a great costume! I am not itching to do like a hundred more.

I will have to post a picture tomorrow. It was down pouring all day today and was running all day. I   had to go to 2 Walmarts and 2 Dollar Trees. UGH!

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