Monday, April 30, 2012

On This Day/ Grease Lightening

Happy Monday Everyone! Is anyone having the case of the Monday's? I know I sure am. My daughter was doing everything she possibly could to avoid getting ready for school. I try and try to get her up and ready and out the door on time. If I had my way we would be early everyday but nope. She gets her way every time and we are scrambling out the door racing to the bus. I am sure that on the last day of school we will finally get it figured out and arrive early. Go figure!

Well when I was in the car coming back home and listening to the radio the radio DJ actually provided me with the start of this post. I love listening to the oldies station on the radio and what I love the most is one of the DJ's does his whole show as though it was really that day back on a certain time. So for example today's show was back on Monday,April 30th, 1952. He does all the popular songs, the news, commercials, everything is on the specific date. I got to thinking last night in preparing for today's post what am I going to write about each day. I came up with the idea to do a "On This Day" portion at the beginning of each day. Well I didn't have to go far for today's thanks to the radio announcer, and I wasn't even listening to the oldies station! So here it goes:

On This Day:

On this day, Monday, April 30th, 1952, the first commercial for Mr. Potato Head came out on TV. It was created by Mr. George Lerner in 1949 and manufactured in 1952 by Hasbro. This was the first toy to be advertised on the TV. It goes to show if you have a quality product it will stay around for years to come.  I played with Mr. Potato Head and my daughter has played with one. I cannot get over though that it all started with a few plastic pieces which you stick in your mother's fruit/vegetable. I'll have to get my daughters out and see how he looks as an apple! I love how even Disney incorporated the original Mr. Potato Head in their last Toy Story movie. Mr. Potato Head uses a cucumber and a tortilla shell as a body. They always think of everything over there. So now there is your little fact for the day and can go out on your day telling everyone about Mr. Potato Head and his big start. I also have included a video of the commercial below for you. Enjoy!

Grease Lightening

One of my favorite movies growing up was the movie Grease. I watched it over and over and I know all the songs and quotes by heart. "Oh bite the weenie, Riz." "With Relish!" I wanted to be either Frenchy or Riz. I loved Frenchy's pink hair, maybe that is why I am contemplating doing that so often. I also loved how cool and tough Riz was. My love for Grease also came from the fact that it all started right where I lived. My family owns a few summer rental cottages right next to where I grew up. Jim Jacobs and his wife came and stayed several summers. One of those summers was the birth of Grease with the help of my father and his friend. They helped Jim with the slang during that time and interactions between characters. I'm sure my father, being huge into play writing and theatrics, was a huge influence in the songs. I loved the hair, costumes, songs, and just everything with that movie. I was shopping at a local discount store and they had Barbie Frenchy and Rizzo. I was so thrilled! They come with little stands that play the theme song. My daughter had no idea why I was so excited over these two dolls. I tried to explain about them but she has no clue. I think she might be old enough to watch the movie. I was about her age when I first watched it. My mom always worried I was to young for the movie but most of it went right over my head. I was just in awe of everything else to be concerned with the plot. I am sure Luci will be the same way. I think it is time to have some Twinkies and Wine, juice for Luci, and hang out with my favorite high school students from Rydell High. Do any of you have any favorite quotes or characters from Grease or dont leave out Grease 2? It wasn't as good as Grease the original but I still loved the costumes and such. 

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